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Introducing CBSportsMassage&PT

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Sports Massage Therapist in Rotherham

For sports massages and deep tissue massages in Rotherham, the team at CBSportsMassage&PT deliver a world-class service at the most affordable rates. Our service structure allows you complete control over your treatment, delivered at your address in Rotherham and with a range of lengths available. Whatever you need a sports massage for and however intense, we’re able to offer the best possible treatments to get you back to competing in the sport that you love, without having to worry about injury and recovery. 


When you come to the team at CBSportsMassage&PT, we’ll give you the advice and service you’d expect from any of the top massage therapists at the highest level of sport, right from your own home.

Mobile Sports Massage

We can provide our exceptional sports massages from the comfort of your home. For mobile sports massages in Rotherham and the surrounding areas, there’s no better team than CBSportsMassage&PT. We’ll arrange a time that suits you and come to your address to deliver our world-class services when you need us most, with the most convenient, professional, and thorough massage treatments available in the region.

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage therapy provides you with the right conditions for your muscles to grow and recover following intense training or matches, whatever level you might be at. A sports massage can also help with injuries, whether you have recurring niggles or strains or you’ve endured a contact injury at any point in your life. 


With our experienced and constantly-training team, you know that you’re in the right hands when it comes to sports massages. We’ll be able to offer you the expert advice that can bring your recovery times to the next level and have you competing at the highest standard possible. 

Get in Touch

Contact our team to find out more about the sports massage and deep tissue massages in Rotherham. The CBSportsMassages&PT team are always more than happy to help and can’t wait to start working with you – whether you need sports massages on a regular basis or just for one-off injury recovery. We love working with new and returning clients and can’t wait to show you how much a sports massage can benefit your game – whatever that might be. 


Call 07508255734 or email to get the process started. We can’t wait to start working with you.


My love for health and fitness started when I was young and now I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion into my profession. Since 2021 I’ve been working as a qualified trainer and Sports Massage Therapist in the Rotherham area, guiding my clients towards a healthier lifestyle. Through working as a Trainer and Massage therapist Ive been able to meet interesting and motivated individuals all around my area and I hope you'll be the next!



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